Thy Kingdom Come

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Ascension Day, 21st May 2020 is when we celebrate Jesus ascending to Heaven to be with his Father. We then have a period of “waiting” until Pentecost, when the first disciples were gifted with the Holy Spirit. Waiting is a key theme at several times of the Christian year, but this period of nine days is where Jesus invites his disciples (that’s us!) to wait and pray for the Holy Spirit to come and empower us, to fuel us, for our evangelising journey toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

During these nine days we are invited to put aside the distractions of the day, seek Gods presence through prayer and reflection… to grow in strength for the journey. As the line in a song we often sing goes: “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord”.

To help us with this we have the Novena, an ancient Christian tradition, to guide us through the nine days of waiting, which our own Diocese has developed over a number of years, and this has in turn evolved, at the invitation of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, into an international prayer movement called “Thy Kingdom Come”.


They Kingdom Come calls for an active engagement in this period of waiting. Last year a group of us carried out a prayer walk around our village, stopping to prayer for everything; people, families and homes, churches, organisations, businesses, schools…  Sadly Covid 19 makes much of this difficult.  But we can still pray, pray for friends, and maybe more…  So I would encourage you to download a copy of the Novena booklet and use it throughout the nine days, look at the resources below, and engage in the nine days of waiting…

  • The Novena booklet is available by clicking here

  • To learn more about Novena you can click here and,

  • To discover more about Thy Kingdom Come and what you might do during the nine days, click here.

  • Why not pray for 5 friends... click here