This week's prayer...

Based on Romans 12:10-13, this weeks prayer is:

Heavenly Father, help us to hate what is evil and embrace all that is good, to be true to one another, honouring everyone above ourselves. Lord give us the energy and passion to serve them in Your name and be joyful in hope, patient in difficulties, constant in prayer and truly hospitable to those in need.



In these uncertain times we know many will have specific prayer requests, so....
How can we pray for you?  
If you have a specific need please email confidentially by clicking here or phone 07784 923 945. 
Or perhaps you would like some guidance on developing your prayer life. 24-7 Prayer have, besides many more resources, developed a coronavirus prayer response - just click here. Alternatively here is an article from Christianity Today on praying during Corvid19 troubled times.