This week's prayer...

Moving on from Pentecost, empowered and fired up, we have a number of prayer resources for you to immerse yourself in...
There is a worldwide movement called Unite714, who have been praying regularly day and night at 7.14, am and pm and this week we have used their prayer as a guide for you to use, add to, or personalise. 
Also, The Church of England have a wonderful resource of Covid-19 related prayer resource which you can find here
And, of course don't forget there is the Blessing for Maidstone to offer you comfort and inspiration as the leaders of our local churches gathered together in prayer.  you can view that here.
We hope you find all this helpful. Do let us have any ideas you have to add to it.
The HCB pew sheet and Prayer Diary here can also tell you who in the parish needs our prayer at this time.
However in these uncertain times we know many will have specific prayer requests, so....
How can we pray for you?  
If you have a specific need please email confidentially by clicking here or phone 07784 923 945. 
Or perhaps you would like some guidance on developing your prayer life. 24-7 Prayer have, besides many more resources, developed a coronavirus prayer response - just click here. Alternatively here is an article from Christianity Today on praying during Corvid19 troubled times.



The nations of our world are still being overwhelmed by COVID-19. Their economies are reeling, and their unity is increasingly fractured by growing tensions. In many countries, despondency has filled the land. Despair is slowly strangling the hopes and dreams of countless precious souls. We live in what Scripture refers to as the “Evil Day” -  a day when it is impossible to persevere without Your supernatural help.


Heavenly Father, we come boldly before Your throne today, and we ask for divine strength to stand and pray faithfully. We implore You to destroy the cloud of fear and despair covering the peoples of our world.

Lord, we are not defenseless in this dark hour. For You have given us a full set of spiritual armor—the armor of God (Eph. 6:10-18). We buckle the belt of truth around our waists so we will not stumble and fall in the day of battle. Our reality is not determined by the siren of hopelessness and despair. Our reality is determined by Your Word! Therefore, we boldly proclaim the name of Jesus is greater than the name of COVID-19. We also stand on Your promise that when we humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, and pray, You will heal our lands. (2 Chronicles 7:14) We refuse to live by what we see. Instead, we choose to live by what You say.

Heavenly Father, we boldly come before Your throne in the name of Your Son, Jesus, armed with the truth of what You say. We ask You to eradicate COVID-19 and heal our cities and nations.

We also freshly put on the breastplate of righteousness today. Through Your redemptive work, Lord Jesus, we have been declared righteous. Nothing can separate us from Your love. We also desire Your continued work of sanctification, for we want to become more like You.

Heavenly Father, we have been given the righteousness we need through justification by faith to come before Your throne and pray this prayer boldly. Pour out Your Holy Spirit on the nations of the world in such a way that Your Church is revived and millions are saved. In Jesus’ name.


Energised to put the love of Christ into action

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