26th August 2018


Looking beyond...

The parable of the rich man and Lazarus helps us to think about not becoming so comfortable when our lives are going well that we stop noticing other people around us, and even stop noticing God. 


Prayer is about having a conversation with God about our lives. Sharing when we are struggling or anxious, seeking God’s strength and his comfort but also giving thanks when things are going well, when we are celebrating. God wants a full relationship with us which means sharing in the good as well as the bad. 

When we have a full relationship with God we keep our eyes open to his world, to the wonders of creation and also the suffering of our fellow human beings, animals and the environment. Looking towards God helps us to see others because we look to something beyond our own situation, beyond our own understanding. If we allow ourselves to  become wrapped up in our cosy, comfortable lives we stop looking beyond. And when we stop looking we will stop noticing those who are in need, right on our doorstep. 


So ask God to keep your focus on him so you can keeping looking at his world. Ask him for the right gifts to help others, for the strength to step out in faith and for the compassion to treat others as Jesus would.