9th May 2021

 Technology, our saviour 

This weeks blog is written by Mark Shaw, worship leader and a part of the New Way congregation

I love technology, I love God… what a powerful combination!

The Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately been a global inconvenience and curse for us all. 

During lockdowns, communication technology platforms such as ‘Zoom’ and ‘Microsoft Teams’ has come into their own by allowing us to visually communicate with family, friends, work colleagues and other important people in our lives.

Although it will never replace the warmth of human face to face interaction, like me you are no doubt looking forward to when we can meet without social distancing and to be able to physically greet each other . However, this technology is here to stay, and we shouldn’t be afraid of it.
Communication technology has allowed us to continue and enrich our relationship with God and carry out discipleship.

With the churches closed during lockdown, the technology (which is God’s creation) has enabled us to continue with communal praying, home groups and attend on-line services.

The technology has given people the opportunity to take a soft approach to their first steps to find out more about God by ‘plugging in’ to services at their convenience. It has also given people access to church that may not normally be able to attend due to a disability or mobility restrictions.

I believe the church now has an opportunity to grow and communicate to the wider community, especially with the younger generation that predominantly communicate their news and events using Twitter and Facebook. The opportunity is to use social media platforms and on-line services to engage with these people’s lives by taking the ‘Good News’ to them, rather than expecting them to come and find it in church on Sunday.

So, what other opportunities are next to enhance communication and enable engagement, community and discipleship?


Personal Twitter and Facebook accounts for the clergy? Tweeting questions during a service! A social media promotion and communication strategy...

Let’s pray for guidance and action for the good of God’s kingdom.