The Curate's Farewell


A thought from one of our congregation:


We have been really fortunate to have the company of the wonderful Melissa Carter for three years at Holy Cross Classic and New Way. Arriving as an Ordinand she leaves us with a new title – the Reverend Melissa Carter. She is so excited to become a vicar in Dover especially as she has family nearby.


We will miss her enormously and her guide dog Zoe, who must be quite worn out from all that fast walking round the village. They have been a feature of village life in Bearsted and everyone knows them, including pupils at Thurnham and Roseacre Schools.


The Garage Band awarded her with a blonde vicar on a mug saying “Reverend Melissa – God’s Right Hand Woman”. She gave us beautiful and inspirational Christian pictures. How generous and thoughtful.


She has made us laugh and cry at some services, and how helpful it’s been to express our emotions! I still remember one of her early talks on the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept”. Her spirituality has grown so much in these three years and many of us have asked for transcripts of her talks so we can enjoy them again. She’s helped and encouraged many of our church groups and literally thrown herself into everything with enthusiasm and commitment. We thank you for everything you’ve done and we will miss you. 


Bon Voyage to you, Anthony and Zoe xx