Prayer visiting... July 2019

Father God


In the week commencing 1st July, our prayer visiting team from Holy Cross, New Way, The Methodist and Catholic churches of Bearsted called on homes in The Almonds, Bradley Court, Fullers Close, Plantation Lane, The Landway, The Sprig and Spurway.


We thank you Lord for those volunteers, and for all the conversations had on the doorsteps, many who may not yet know you, but felt able to share their celebrations, challenges and concerns with you, through our prayer.  


In hope, celebration and thanks.  Specifically we pray for:


Several families, including Debbie and Kelly, who were thankful for the life they enjoy, grateful for what they have, good health and being happy families. 


The joy of children and grandchildren.  Specifically a family celebrating their two young children, whilst still mourning the loss of a third at birth. 


For baby Evie and Harry.


For Jan’s daughter, expecting a baby after a long time and as a result of IVF. 


For a family who are deaf and whom we could communicate with through our leaflet and calling.


A lady who has done visiting for Otham churches, and talked about her church. And a family who attend St Peters and recognise they should go more often!


For our new Church of England Bishop of Dover, Rose Hudson-Wilkin - may she shine in our parishes,


A family enjoying their newly renovated home, hoping it will be a welcoming place of happiness.


A young schoolboy, for success in his soccer trials with Charlton and Spurs and a career in football, and gratitude for his progress so far.


For a son, who has settled in his new school, and daughter Lilian who has just graduated.


For all people and young children who enjoy the theatre and the creativity it brings.


In life, Lord we remember the challenges it sometimes brings us and those who face difficulties, uncertainty and who need support and determination to see things though.  Specifically we pray for:


Al and Dan pray for a positive outcome as they try to start a family.  


All mothers everywhere.  May they find the strength to be patient, kind and loving.


Ken, a 90-year-old father-in-law to Graham, who is having to make difficult decisions about his future.


Rachel, hoping to get the marks she needs in Maths, to enable her to study to become a teacher.  Adam, awaiting his A level results, and young Sam, who is doing exams and choosing his options - we pray for guidance, and good choices.


A family whose children, and all children, as they start new schools in September. May they settle quickly and make good friends.


Pam and Keith that they don’t wear themselves out, and know when to stop.


Loneliness, that people will recognise the need to befriend their lonely neighbours.


Safety in sport, and for one young man, particularly motor sport.


In sickness, we see pain and suffering.  Lord we ask your peace and mercy on those who are not well, and for those who tend the sick and frail. Specifically we pray for:


A lady struggling with the challenges of caring for her partner who has had a stroke.


Angela, in a nursing home, who has had a third stroke and now cannot speak or stand and is unlikely to come home and her husband Adrian, for recovery, peace and guidance for making future decisions.


A lady prays for Juliet, who has Huntingtons Disease and also for her family to cope with her future care.


For people struggling with MS not only those who have it but also those caring for me, and others with the condition.


For all those who care for loved ones in trying situations, may they find patience, strength and the help they need.


A lady prays for peace for her mother-in-law, Joan, who has dementia.


For 4-year old Jack who has a heart condition, and who is having tests.


For Natalie, who’s mother lives far away and has heart problems.


That Mike will make a swift recovery from his current illness


Anne-Marie prays for Andy who is suffering with ill-health


Daughter Barbarette who has a rare and incurable condition


Our 14yr old granddaughter, Elizabeth, recovering from an operation.


Doreen who is not very well.


For a sister-in-law, Andreena, suffering with cancer.


As we come to the end of our time on this earth… and our passing, we ask Lord that those in mourning will find peace in their hearts and strength in their faith. We pray specifically for:


A wife and her young family in Bearsted, who’s husband was killed in a cycle accident this week.


For Isabel's Nan who died a while ago.


Remembering a Dad - Derek, . Still loved and missed. 


A family grieving the loss of a beloved father and grandfather.


Honor, who has recently lost her sister in law Eileen to cancer.


A sister and family following the death of her husband who died last Sunday having suffered with Dementia


And for Dave who has gone into a hospice. We pray for his wife Jeanette, and a friend who finds this particularly hard.


And for our community…


Many asked us to pray for peace in our society, others asked for sanity and a restoration of ethics, and good neighbourliness, in a moment where factions and divide tests many relationships.


For more good-will towards each other.


A gentleman asked for prayers for our nation and another for the World.


For our Prime minister, today, and for the successful candidate tomorrow -  may they be worthy, and have wisdom to do the right things for our country.


That all our of our elected politicians co-operate to work together for the common good.


Lord, our hope is that through all these conversations, that we have brought to you in prayer may bring some peace and understanding to their world, in the knowledge that someone else cares.  Lord we know you hear all our prayers, and we ask you to bless each and every household we visited and keep them in your sight this coming week and for ever.