Our Next Services!

At the MEMORIAL HALL, Manor Rise, Bearsted, ME14 4DA - 10.30am - unless otherwise stated:


26 June -  Living the Psalms Life : The Guided Life

New Way services are now running weekly. The Seekers children will continue to have their activities in the upstairs room and will join the main service towards the end so that they can share what they have learned and we can end together.  


Covid 19: if someone indicates they need more space, please allow this - do not be offended.

New Way Worship: Summer 2022

During the six weeks of the school holidays the Memorial Hall is not available to users because of major building works. The Church Council and the leadership teams for Classic (church based worship) and New Way (hall based worship) have been considering what to do for this period.

The pattern of worship that has been agreed for these weeks takes into consideration the desires expressed over some time for Classic and New Way congregations to get to know each other and each other's style of worship better and for New Way to be able to meet in our historic church building. In addition to the 8am service continuing for this period the pattern will be for a service to be held in church at 10am from July 24th to August 28th inclusive. 

On two Sundays there will be a Classic based service and on two Sundays a New Way based service.  On these Sundays the services will take into consideration the presence of worshippers from the other form of service.  On two Sundays there will be a Classic service at 10am and a New Way service at 6pm.

It is hoped that members of both service styles will make an effort to be at all the services during the period in order to get to know members of the other congregation and to experience something of the style of worship of the other service.


24 July           10am Classic based service

31 July           10am New Way based service

7 August        10am Classic Service  - New Way 6pm

14 August      10am Classic based service

21 August      10am New Way based service

28 August      10am Classic Service and Baptism  - New Way 6pm


In September the present pattern of service will be resumed.  The Church Council and Leadership Teams will seek to learn the lessons of these weeks.