Lent 21

17th February is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.


Most people associate Lent with “giving up” (chocolate, wine etc), but the more positive approach is to “take up”. So we thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate the work of people in our community who have already “taken up” through their actions.


From the 17th, Ash Wednesday, each day except Sundays, we will be profiling a local charity on our Facebook page, and the love they bring to our community through their actions.  


Some will be familiar to you, others may not be. It will not be a comprehensive list… so apologies to any of those great charities that don't get a mention.

You'll be able to see these on your Facebook, and if you're not connected on Facebook you can view them here in any case by scrolling up and down in the window to the right. 

If you are on Facebook please share these posts to celebrate the love shown throughout our community by these charities. And if you’re motivated to join in, then maybe one of these will inspire you to support them, or even join them!


We hope you enjoy learning about the wonderful people in our community, and sharing that good news.


#LIVELENT  #LENT21  #LoveThyNeighbour

Energised to put the love of Christ into action

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