Consultation on the removal of pews at Holy Cross and the chairs favoured to replace them.


The initial letter dates 12th October followed by a subsequent letter of clarification dated 15th October


Bearsted Vicarage.

Dear Friends

Some years ago we replaced some of the pews in church with chairs.  There was considerable discussion at the time about the replacement as such and the choice of chairs.  Whilst there was some division of opinion this move met with widespread approval.  The chairs give us some greater flexibility for larger services.  In ordinary times the chairs are cleared after Sunday worship and carpet rolled out so the Parent and Toddler groups can use this area, though they could do with a larger area.  The flexibility of chairs has been welcomed on other occasions, including concerts and Christmas Fayres.

Over the years some people have expressed the hope that the project might be extended to the whole church.  Due to our present focus on the renewal of the roof we have not, on financial grounds, been able to contemplate this.  Recently however a donor has come forward to make this possible.


The Church Council has discussed this generous offer and is in favour of taking it up and replacing the remaining pews with chairs matching the existing one.  I write to you to invite your reflections on this  The PCC will return to this matter in November and so you are invited to make any comments via email to of by hand to the church office by the end of October.  






Dear Friends,

I write in follow up to my recent letter about the renewal of church seating.  Thank you to those who have contributed their thoughts thus far.

In a number of responses comment has been made as to the weight of the wooden chairs.  When we introduced more chairs ten years ago (there were already a number of chairs in the Milgate Chapel and the back corner of the church) the design of the chairs was given a great deal of consideration.  The benefit of the existing wooden chairs is that when arranged in line they have a pew-like appearance.  It would however, for purposes of moving them, be better if they were lighter.  

I have given some thought to this.  In response to the comments made I would like to suggest an alternative alongside the option of removing the existing pews and their replacement by more of the existing wooden chairs.  This would be to use the present wooden chairs with their more traditional appearance in the main nave with lighter weight chairs in the Milgate aisle.  The Milgate chairs could be in the style of the ones we use in the church room and bring into church for large services.  This would mean that the Milgate aisle chairs which would be most often removed/rearranged would be lighter and more easily moved.  Once the Mother and Toddle Groups meet again we would want to remove all the Milgate aisle chairs each week.  Lighter chairs would also have an advantage when used around tables.

It would again be helpful to have responses on this option by the end of October. 



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