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As we near Ascension Day our thoughts turn to Jesus rising to Heaven and ther prospect of the Holy Spirit empowering us. Thy Kingdom Come is a powerful resource and opportunity at his time, and we encourage you to explore the prayer proposals it contains. Click here!
However, below is also our continuing prayer in the face of Covid 19, for you to use, add to, or personalise. We hope you find it helpful. Do let us have any ideas you have to add to it.
The HCB pew sheet and Prayer Diary here can also tell you who in the parish needs our prayer at this time.
However in these uncertain times we know many will have specific prayer requests, so....
How can we pray for you?  
If you have a specific need please email confidentially by clicking here or phone 07784 923 945. 
Or perhaps you would like some guidance on developing your prayer life. 24-7 Prayer have, besides many more resources, developed a coronavirus prayer response - just click here. Alternatively here is an article from Christianity Today on praying during Corvid19 troubled times.
Almighty God,
In these trouble times let us not forget to celebrate all the good things in life while we continue to bring these prayers of hope to You.
For the improving weather, and the joy and wellbeing that sunshine and warmth can bring to us as individuals and a community; memories of good time, for our mental health...
For the gift of family and friendships, and the novel ways they continue to come together in this time of crisis; for the gift of conference calling and social media. For all the muted celebrations; birthdays, wedding anniversaries, births and more, may the joy of these moments be stored up for future release. For those who leave hospital recovering from Corvid 19.
For the ingenuity that adversity brings; neighbourhood connectivity, PPE manufacturing, businesses changing purpose to provide equipment and services to the NHS and our community, all with a resilience, that we know together with Your hand, we can overcome the current adversity. 
For the time we have to reflect, and to do some things that have been waiting to be attended to, to be able to catch up.
For doctors, nurses, all NHS staff, GP surgeries, pharmacies, ambulance services, care home staff; that they will have the strength and resilience to fight on. For those that have come out of retirement or volunteered to join the NHS response. That they can get the vital supplies to serve our nation, that they personally will be able to stay safe and obtain food supplies to keep them sustained health and nourished.
For all patients, particularly those with Corvid -19, that they return to health speedily, have their anxiousness relieved through the loving kindness of those treating them. That those recovering from surgery or conditions will still have their needs met.
For relatives, who can no longer visit, particularly those in hospital and care homes, that they can be assured of the goodness of those serving our community on the “front line” in our institutions.
For the vulnerable and powerless, whether old, sick or at risk.  May they find protection to say safe and the support to remain so. 
For the Homeless, who have no relatives, and no home, and for the amazing people who volunteer, to make their lives just a little bit better.
For Schools; for their leadership, teachers and everyone who works in and with them, and the children whether at school or now at home.
For all young people affected by the decisions to close schools postpone exams, may they be settled in the knowledge that solutions will be found, opportunities not lost for their life choices beyond this crisis.
For parents; now managing disruption and hardship, children home from school, still with a job to manage or forgo, the self employed, or those with no job, and relatives that suddenly become dependent.
For businesses as they struggle to survive in our curtailed world, particularly the food distribution channels; supermarkets and on line delivery channels, that people will respect the situation, and not behave selfishly. For furloughed employees and the self employed
For those in Leadership and Government; that they continue to make the best decisions for our wellbeing and common good for the future of our country.
For our friends, neighbours and colleagues, that we remember to keep them in our hearts and minds, to remain connected and where they are elderly or vulnerable, we take the steps necessary to ensure they know they are not alone.
For the bereaved; in this the difficult time, the increased burden of the loss of a loved one, and for those who have passed, may they rest in peace and glory and the opportunity to commemorate properly will come soon.
For ourselves; that we stay; safe, strong, confident, resilient and serving, pushing away the demons of despair and look forward to the future. 
And finally - for our world, remembering that they are our friends and neighbours; that countries beyond the United Kingdom have the strength, skills and resources to tackle this pandemic in their own countries.
We ask all these things in Your name,

Energised to put the love of Christ into action

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