22nd July 2018

Everyone needs compassion...

In this weeks reading we hear about Jesus’ compassion, his compassion for the disciples who had been working so hard that they did not even have time to eat or rest. And compassion for people he met in the villages and towns who were in need. 


We often talk about Jesus as a good shepherd, someone who knows his flock intimately, someone who gently calls us by our names. We can trust that God will be with us in every situation we encounter, during times of joy or sorrow we can rely on his presence and his compassion. Always reaching out to us with his grace, to guide us towards a rest which will bring, refreshment, nourishment and renewal to our souls. 

God’s grace is given to us as a gift, God’s grace and truth reveal to us that God’s love is a steadfast love. A love which will never stop seeking us, a love that will surround us and support us and a love that will never leave us whatever situation we find ourselves in. 


God’s love is given to us that we might share it with others. Use it to open the eyes of our hearts and see others as Jesus would have, see their needs and have compassion on them. Pray this week that we can be generous with our acts of kindness. May we recognise Christ the good shepherd within ourselves, our family and friends, and within our community and our world.