15th July 2018

What are you willing to stand up for?

Wherever we go someone gives us a label, people assume we will act in a certain way because of where we were born, how we grew up, what we do. We are seen as having standards based on our culture, our place in society, but as Christians we are called to have and uphold standards based on God’s values and God’s laws. John the baptist spoke out when he thought the king had broken God’s law by marrying his brothers wife, and he was imprisoned and beheaded because of it. The king was then afraid of what he had done because he knew that John was a man of God, but he had been more afraid of what other people would think of him.

What are you willing to stand up for or step out from the crowd for? What standards do you believe are important for all people to follow? How do you engage with someone who breaks these values and standards? It is hard to confront people who you believe are acting in a wrong way, especially if they are close to you, or in a position of authority over you, but can we find ways of giving constructive criticism, enabling people to recognise for themselves what they are doing and give them a way to change without losing face and without putting them down. Can we help our families, our neighbours, our colleagues to see opportunities to grow through God’s guidance and can we have the courage to allow others to help us take an honest look at our own standards and motives?