8th July 2018

 Discipleship today... 

When Jesus began his ministry people flocked to hear his teaching, see his miracles, and enjoy his message of good news.  Then, he returns to his home town of Nazareth where the people reject him, seeing him as just a carpenter.  They’ve known him for most of his life and seen his daily work among them… so he can’t possibly be from God!  


How do we see Him?  This reminds us that we can either help or hinder the work of Jesus Christ.


The very next thing Mark reports (Mark 6:7-12) is Jesus sending out his disciples, in pairs, with specific instructions to spread the message of the Kingdom of God.  

Going out in pairs has advantages of being able to pray together, find God’s will and guidance; they could strengthen and encourage each other, and help when they faced rejection.  They were to take no supplies for the journey but to trust God for everything.  If the good news was rejected they were to ‘shake the dust from their feet’ and move on.


At “Home or Away’ how do we translate this message to ourselves, today, in our church, in our times……and the with the people surrounding us?