15th September 2019

lost sheep-50494.jpg

We are treasured...

To really understand Jesus’ teaching as he tells the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin, is to find true treasure as it tells us so clearly of God’s love, forgiveness and grace for each individual person.


Luke 15:1-10 begins with how disgruntled the Jewish religious people were that ‘dishonest tax collectors and other notorious sinners’ often came to listen to Jesus’ sermons.  Food for thought!  The very people that should understand God’s love for everyone and how His love cares so much that He will go to every length to find them.


Do we look down on some people in our churches?  Do we come across people, outside of church, who think they just aren’t good enough to be included?  It makes us think of our own attitudes, but then also to look at the true nature and teaching of God.


We have all moved away from God and so can’t look down on anyone.  The sheep that has wandered away has not only got lost but is in a wilderness.  How grateful to be found by the Good Shepherd and brought back into the fold.  Psalm 23 and John 10 showing this wonderful and good relationship, with food, shelter, guidance and care.


The silver coin is one of ten given to a woman as a wedding gift and equated with the meaning of a wedding ring.  Representing love and commitment it shows the need to find and restore.


Our God grieves over every loss and rejoices whenever one of his children is found and brought in His Kingdom.  All this searching and finding shows us the extraordinary love of God.


We are encouraged to listen to Jesus and the good news of his kingdom, and when we know deep in our hearts how precious we are, it inspires us to search with Jesus for those who are lost.