8th September 2019


Being a disciple...

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we accept His way of living and become his disciples.  In other words Jesus asks us to follow Him, and in our Reading for today (Luke 14:25-33) Jesus’ words hit home to us very powerfully as He tells exactly what it means to do this which impacts upon our lives, and then upon all we meet.


To follow Jesus, and be His disciple, means responding to Him, which in turn is very challenging.  To do things His way, not our way.  Following Jesus is expensive – it costs everything, but it’s worth it!


God wants us all to be in no doubt about what is required in the way of commitment.  To make a considered, well-informed decision.  This means placing God at the very centre of our lives, in every action and thought.  We are also assured that when we do so we can trust God to lead us into the very best, most fulfilling life possible.  In partnership with Jesus we can look forward to a life-time of growing, of blossoming and fruiting…….all in an environment of total security, warm affection and the knowledge of being precious and valuable.


Such Good News, and how the world needs it!  


Know what discipleship of Jesus means, how you can make a commitment and follow it through every day of your life.  Following Jesus is the way of blessing.