25th August 2019

Jacqui climate campaigning 2019.png

Climate change - action required!...

Sunday’s service was all about taking climate change seriously and personal action to the next level.  We are God’s stewards of the world, and we are in the middle of a climate emergency, with climate breakdown happening right now. We have just 11 years until “tipping point”, when our global climate will be irreversibly damaged.


Jacqui, Zoe and Rachel explained what they have been doing during this year to help tackle the crisis; taking part in the Youthstrike4climate environmental movement led by Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old school girl from Sweden.  They shared their experiences of going on youth global climate protests and how they had stopped using “single use” plastic, sharing practical tips (see Jacqui’s guide pdf below).


We need to listen to God and hear what practical actions we can and need to take. 


Between 20-27th September there will be Global Climate Strikes, where adults will join children in a climate coalition to pressurize governments and big businesses around the world to make massive step changes in their consumption of fossil fuels in the next 2 years. Consider supporting this initiative as one of your direct actions to bring about change.

Below you can click on there link to the slides Jacqui showed on Sunday...

              How to move towards plastic free                                 Sundays presentation