11th August 2019


How do you spend your ‘day off’? Your Sabbath. It is usually a Sunday, but what happens when you have to work on that particular day? Do we push ourselves and think we don’t really need to take time out for re-creation? This week at New Way we’re looking at what the Bible says about ‘rest’ and under our theme of creation and our role in caring for it, what it says about letting the land ‘rest’ in the seventh year. 


We live in a beautiful world with everything we need and much, much more! How sad it is that we keep being told by experts that if we exploit the earth we will suffer as a result. We think that global warming is a new problem, but if we look back in history the warning signs are there. The Bible has much to say about how we care for the earth. The trouble is we’re not very good at listening.