28th July 2019


When God created the world he gave humans a role, to oversee and care for the world. Do you see the world as something for us to use for our own advantage, or do you see it as a God given gift.


It hardly needs saying that much of the world has been damaged and natural processes that allow the world to flourish have been distorted. Much of the damage and distortion has in one way or another come through human activity. We aren’t fully responsible but if we are going to confront the serious issues facing our world we need to recognise the significant forces of (what the church would call) Sin: human selfishness, pride and greed which are at work, pulling us away from God and the right response to his creation. 


We must promote respect for the world by encouraging each other to value the material world and see creation as a gift. We must not abandon this world or allow its wilful destruction to continue because it is God’s creation and we are called to follow God and care for his world, because that is what we were created to do.