14th July 2019

Will you walk on by??? 

The story Jesus told about ‘The Good Samaritan’ is very visual. We see the poor man, set upon and injured; we see the people walking by, and we see the person who stops and helps.  Who are we in this story?


The story is the result of an expert in the Jewish faith asking Jesus what he must do to live forever in heaven.  A conversation shows that he knows the answer, which is to love God with all of heart, strength and mind, and to love a neighbour as oneself.  And here comes the problem, instead of looking at the man who is injured, he tries to define who is his neighbour…….so he might be able to get out of helping!  Whoops! 

The Samaritan shows compassion and mercy, and HE ALSO ILLUSTRATES THE MINISTRY OF JESUS. 


Who are we in this story?  The Jewish priest and Levite lost the opportunity to become better men and good stewards of what God had given them.  The Samaritan loved those who hated him, risked his own life, spent his own money.  You see, it all depends on our outlook….to the thieves, this travelling man was a victim to exploit so they attacked him.  To the Priest and Levite, he was a nuisance to avoid, so they ignored him.  But to the Samaritan, this injured man was a neighbour to love and to help, so he took care of him.


At the end of the illustrative story Jesus said to the expert in the law ‘Go and do likewise.’  ‘Likewise?’……being with Jesus, knowing him, learning from Him.  Being His ambassadors in the world and showing Jesus’ mercy and compassion.  THE PASSAGE INVITES US ALL TO EXAMINE OUR HEARTS.