7th July 2019


We arrive at the exciting moment of Jesus sending out 70 messengers to towns and places, he intends to visit, with messages of the good news of the Kingdom of God.  They have detailed instructions to follow.


They are to travel swiftly and lightly; the message of peace they carry is urgent, and they are not to waste time with those who won’t listen.


We are used to Jesus asking us to follow Him, but here he sends his people ahead to herald his existence and to harvest the fruit of His Kingdom.  So, we need to think and study our commitment to follow Him and being obedient to being sent out at messengers to people who do not know Jesus, and have a relationship with Him.

We are challenged to think of how important Jesus’ message of love and grace is to us, and therefore our inspiration to be instrumental in spreading this ‘life’ to more people, and for His Kingdom to spread and deepen here and now.
This message is a task that requires dedication and the ability to travel through life, holding on to what really matters and letting go of the rest.  Jesus calls you to proclaim his kingdom – what do you need to let go of for that to happen more effectively?