19th May 2019

Mothers' Day or Mothering Sunday:

same or different?

Is suffering always evil? 

In Genesis we read that God created the world and it was good. Even though the fall allowed suffering and tragedy to find a handhold, creation still belongs to God. Faith gives us confidence in God’s grace, God is still at work, in our lives and in the world. Faith is with us in our own suffering and in our response to suffering. It has the power to change, it will not stop suffering from being painful and tragic, but faith can stop suffering from becoming an evil and destructive force in our lives. 

God wants us to feel joy and receive all the comfort and security that brings, but life is full of experiences that shape us, some will be difficult, some will be good.

Some people define evil as something which destroys our relationship with God and others define it as something which causes us to fear and lose hope of any meaning in the world. Suffering will be a very real experience for every one of us at some time or another. If we can hold onto a sense of meaning and hope, if we can recognise God’s presence we can be released from the power of evil. We may still be in the grip of suffering for a time but when we can see a possibility of a good and hopeful outcome, evil will have no hold on us.