17th June 2018

A loving Father

Matthew 28: 16-20

Jesus commissioned his disciples, and commissions us to go and spread the gospel message to all who we meet. To encourage those who are exploring Christianity and who are growing in their own understanding of who God is. We are called to teach and be an example of what it means to follow Jesus’s teachings and example and be witnesses to his truth.


Today is Father’s Day, good father’s are mentors and role models to their children. God is our good Father, he will guide us, protect us and provide for us. We have a freedom in Britain to be able to worship openly, we heard of how many Christians worship in fear of the authorities, of being  

persecuted for following their faith, for wanting to pray together, and meet together to share, to learn and to deepen their relationship with their heavenly Father.

We are reminded at the end of todays passage that Jesus said ‘and I will be with you always’, this is great news as it means we do not proclaim our faith in isolation, God is always with us. Also when we come together and worship as one church, wherever that may be, the truth of God’s word and the knowledge of his presence gives us the strength and the courage to share the message of God’s love, his love for all is children, his love for you.