28th April 2019

Mothers' Day or Mothering Sunday:

same or different?


Walking in the light...

What an enormous change in Jesus’ disciples as we read the Book of Acts.  Now they are a courageous bunch of people preaching, teaching and healing in the Name of Jesus.  They demonstrated Jesus’ love in synagogues, schools, homes, markets, courtrooms, on streets, hills, ships and desert roads, and wherever God sent them lives and history were changed.


John 20:19 takes us back to a group of frightened disciples in a room in Jerusalem.  Jesus has died and they are hidden away in fear and trembling.  What a difference!  What has happened?  The truth of Jesus going through the barrier of death, demonstrating the most enormous power of love, which continually reaches out in compassion and forgiveness.  The Gospel of Good News indeed!

And……and…… the empowering and guidance of God’s Holy Spirit.  The Book of Acts is sometimes referred to as ‘The Gospel of the Holy Spirit.’  It tells the story of a Spirit filled and Spirit guided church expanding and growing.

The stone of the tomb couldn’t keep Jesus in; the walls of the room couldn’t keep Jesus out.  He came to commission His followers to remember, all that He had done, all that He was.  How lives were transformed and how people could live in relationship with Him, and the Heavenly Father.


Here is the good news for each and everyone of us.  With God’s help we can be a faithful people walking in the light of the Gospel, with the same Spirit at work witnessing through us. This is the astonishing Christian claim….which inspires and directs us today.  Here and now!.