14th April 2019

Mothers' Day or Mothering Sunday:

same or different?


Palm Sunday

Jesus was full of surprises. On Palm Sunday we recall how he entered into Jerusalem, not on a mighty war horse, but on a young donkey. He did not have trumpeters announcing his arrival, but the people waved palm leaves and shouted Hosanna. Following on from this there is yet another surprising event when he enters the temple. We think of Jesus as being calm and kind, but when he saw the traders and the money changers taking advantage of the people who had come to worship he turned over their tables and upset their stalls, he was angry. 

We sometimes get a bit uncomfortable talking about Jesus being angry, but there are occasions when we need to get angry, when we see injustice taking place. Jesus was angry because he saw people seeking profit and cheating people rather than encouraging and enabling them to worship of God. When we see injustice happening around us we should be angry.  But remember, Jesus controlled his anger, he never attacked people only the tools of corruption, turning over the tables he removed the opportunity to exploit others. 


So let us journey together with Christ, stand up for God’s truth and fight for justice in our world. 

This week may you follow Christ as he journeys to the cross and through his resurrection step into life with God.