17th March 2019



Citizens of God’s kingdom... 


In the reading Paul encourages us to search out the truth, to connect God’s word with God’s love and to seek community, to recognise that we are connected because we are all called to live in Christ. The world often tries to hide God’s truth behind superficial earthly wonders. When we only focus on what we desire, we may feel happy, we may be getting and doing the things we want but when we draw back a bit we notice that we are on our own. 

How deep can our relationships really go if we approach them solely looking at what we get out of them?


When we live focussed on God we become aware of the wonders of his kingdom, the blessings he has given us, the world he has opened up for us, and the love he has for us. When we live with God we live with one who we know will forgive us our mistakes, set us back on the right path and bring us into the glory of his eternal kingdom.