3rd March 2019

unity puzzle-1152795.jpg


All of us can feel at times like we aren’t ‘normal’, feel as if we are incomplete or something is missing. Through prayer, anointing and creating some space we can find ourselves coming closer to God. When we connect with God, heart to heart, his power can help us feel whole again, even within a difficult situation.


God has the power to heal, but we may not always recognise his work. Sometimes healing is about finding peace within our situation, receiving strength to carry on despite our difficulties. 

Wholeness is about allowing God to fill in the cracks within us. By being united with God and his strength we can reconnect with our community, knowing we are valued and accepted for who we are. Our church community is a community which prays, we pray for wisdom, for healing, for strength and for patience.


If you need some to listen to you, to be with you, to pray for you we are here. This is your church and we are here for you.