24th February 2019



We all get tempted at times, sometimes it is just checking our phone at the dinner table, or sneaking an extra biscuit from the cupboard. Other times our temptations have greater consequences, we may be tempted to break a promise or lie to someone. 


Lent begins on 6th March and is a time when we are encouraged to think about our actions, our motives and our passions. It gives us an opportunity to stop and check how much we really trust God. 

The disciples found themselves in the middle of a storm, they were afraid, they felt vulnerable. But Jesus was with them and he could bring calm to their situation and save them from their emotional turmoil. Fear can tempt us to do something wrong in order to protect ourselves, but God loves you and will protect you. 


This week remember that God has the power to bring immense joy and energy to your lives. Trust that God can soothe the wounded heart and wipe away the tears of sorrow. God is at your side. Jesus walks with you and understands all your emotions and he has the power to calm your fears and help you confront your temptations.