17th February 2019



God is generous with his blessings, but we may not always recognise them because as we hear in the reading Jesus turns everything on its head. The people who Jesus calls happy are those who the world would say are needy and the ones who Jesus says should be pitied are those who by the worlds standards are happy. Jesus isn’t saying that we shouldn’t be happy or have nice things on earth, he is warning us against only wanting things like money and possessions. These may bring us joy now, but in God’s kingdom where there is no need for money or possessions, what will we do then?

Following God’s ways doesn’t mean we will never be happy on earth, there are many blessings that God gives us in this life, many wonders that he wants us to experience here and now. Jesus is encouraging us to embrace the moment but to also look beyond the here and now. Our happiness should not come solely from worldly pleasures, but it should come from being with God. When our happiness comes from God’s gifts we experience joy on earth and in heaven.