10th June 2018


Mark 2:1-12

There are different perspectives to living our lives.  The first one in this Gospel story is from a young man’s point of view. He is paralyzed, and in the year 30AD this man has no hope, and no future.   He has to rely on others for everything, EVERYTHING.  


The second perspective is seeing the situation through his friends. And what friends they are, and although they can provide care and sympathy, their help is limited; knowing they can only help his day to day existence, unable to help with the deep-seated problems of dependency, humiliation, boredom, loneliness, frustration and despair, with no prospect that anything will or can change.  

Not only seeing the situation but the person they love and want to help these friends, these real friends, have heard about Jesus and how He brings healing and wholeness to so many; how people are flocking to be near Him and listen to His teaching and to see His love.  But there’s a problem – how do they get their friend to Jesus?  


Well, they carry him…..each one at a corner of his blanket. And look at their journey, how they keep focused on Jesus and getting the man to him.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, stands in their way.  They can’t get through the crowds, so up to the roof they go and break through the ceiling, lowering their dear friend right at the feet of Jesus.  Jesus sees their faith, sees the cause of the problem and… the man is healed, restored and given new life.