10th February 2019





In todays passage Jesus suggests to Simon that he puts out his fishing nets. Simon was an experienced fisherman, he knew that night was the best time to fish, they hadn’t caught anything whilst they had been out all night so they were hardly going to catch anything now that it was daytime. But despite his own expertise he trusted in Jesus’ words and did what he asked. The catch of fish was the biggest he had ever had, they had to get others to help bring it in to stop the nets from breaking. When we are obedient to God we get results, and not just good results but great ones.

Simon was overwhelmed by the power Jesus had, and Jesus showed this power most of all when he went to the cross. To think that Jesus conquered death, for us, can be quite overwhelming but he has, and we have the gift of new life. So trust in God, put your life into his hands and he will provide. Let God guide you and he may do some amazing things through you.   


Be confident and your light shine brightly.