20th January 2019

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The wedding party...

The bible reading gives an account of the wedding at Cana. Weddings can be big family occasions but in those days celebrations would have been community wide. The party would have gone on for a week and in a time where the couple may have lived in poverty, constantly working hard to make ends meet, to be briefly treated like a king and queen, it was a chance to break out of the ordinary, the grind of daily life, and experience an overwhelming amount of joy.          


But disaster strikes, in the midst of their celebrations the wine runs out. The issue is not about getting drunk or showing off how much alcohol they had, it was about being a good host. To run out of wine would have brought shame on the couple. Mary, possibly a member of the family, notices their problem and tells the servants to ‘do whatever Jesus says’. The miracle He performs is not just about getting the couple out of a sticky situation, it was a chance to show God’s generosity. The wine was given in abundance, and it was of the best quality.

We are in the Churches Together ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’, during which we give thanks for God’s generosity, and we want to give abundantly the best of ourselves, to God and to one another. So often people focus on the differences between denominations but when churches work together they are good hosts and can help our whole community. We can share in the joy of Christmas with Carols on the Green, rejoice in the gift of New Life that God offers at our Easter egg hunt, work together at the winter shelters, prayer visiting, in all walks of life, we can show God’s generosity, spread His message and reveal His love to our communities and to the world.


So let’s look out for one another and share our celebrations together.