13th January 2019


The power of water and the Holy Spirit

The people were waiting for God to send a Messiah (a Saviour) who would come to judge and save. So when John the baptist came talking about judgement and forgiveness it stirred the people up. Some people got excited and thought John may be the Messiah but he said that he was not, he prepared by baptising with water, the ‘one who comes after him will baptise with the Holy Spirit’. As Jesus is baptised the Spirit descends as a dove. 


Johns talks of the power of the Holy Spirit which is also sometimes depicted as wind. In those days the threshing floor was where the good grain is separated from the chaff. We can relate this image to ourselves, there is good and bad within each of us. God wants all that is good in us to flourish so when the Holy Spirit comes his power can blow through us and remove all the rubbish, all our wrongdoing and bad thoughts. But God will never force anything upon us, we must choose to follow God and let the Holy Spirit work within us. 


To help explain this I want you think of four points which sum up the gospel message:

  1. We have all done things wrong, when we sin against God that breaks our relationship with him. 

  2. But God loves us so much that he is constantly reaching out to us. 

  3. Jesus died on the cross so that we could be saved, he is the Messiah and he brings us new life. 

  4. God will not force us to have a relationship with him, we must choose to follow his guidance and live the life he has opened up for us.