6th January 2019


We're all on a journey...

As we put away our Christmas decorations and Nativity sets, perhaps we should keep aside the Wise Men ( the Magi) as they present their gifts to the Christ child, as a permanent reminder of seeking and finding Jesus.


Matthew loved the Magi, giving them more space than he gave the birth of Jesus… And he doesn’t even mention the shepherds! HE DIDN’T WANT US TO MISS THE STAR AND THE SEEKERS.


Why?  Because their story is our story - we are all travellers - and in order to find Jesus, every one of us needs direction and God gives it!  The Wise Men shows us how.


God uses the natural world to get our attention.  As Paul says in Romans 1, the basic reality of God is plain enough.  By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created,  we see his power and the mystery of his divine being.  God led the Wise Men to Jerusalem with a star, but to lead them to Jesus he used something else….Scripture!


The Wise Men found Jesus and worshipped Him. They gave Him their gifts, not rattles or baby-grows, but unusual gifts for a baby, prophetic gifts,  which shine a light on Christ’s ministry and death.

Seeking, finding, worshipping – they found Christ because they heeded the sign and believed the Scripture.  The Wise Men earned their name because their hearts were open to God’s gift.  


They were never the same again, and we can see how they are open to God and his guidance.  Matthew tells us ‘And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they returned to their country by another way.’  He uses the word ‘way’ in other places to suggest a direction of life!  This tells us that the Wise Men went home as ‘DIFFERENT MEN.’


Called by a sign, instructed by Scripture and directed home by God; and so it is with us.   He sends signals and messages. We can look back on our lives and see how God has been there all the time, guiding us to Himself.  As we get closer on our journey and start to really search for him, coincidences start to happen….so much so that we learn they are God-incidents.  Where is the Light of Christ shining in your heart today?