25th November 2018

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Sorry... help me to change

Confession is an important part of our worship, but what does it mean to you?


Confession is not about beating ourselves up over the things we have done wrong, or about condemning ourselves for making the same mistake again. It is about coming before God and being open about who we are, It is about acknowledging and confronting our weaknesses and asking God to help us to change, so in the future we may make the right choices and do, say and think the right things. 


We come together in our services to confess because it reminds us that no human, apart from Jesus, is perfect. 

The Pharisee in our reading wasn’t perfect but he didn’t realise, he didn’t recognise his pride and he wasn’t listening to God. The Tax Collector knew he wasn’t perfect and came to ask God for help, to ask for his support and forgiveness, he wanted to change and he knew that he needed God’s help. 


God loves us even though we aren’t perfect, when we trust in a loving, merciful God, we can come to him and be completely honest. When we show a desire to change our wrong attitudes and actions we are confident that he will forgive us and send his Holy Spirit to guide us back onto the right path. You just need to take some time to listen to the Holy Spirit, ask God to help you make the right choices and step out in faith.