18th November 2018

tears and lights-788903.jpg

Who can wipe our tears away?

Looking through Roman items in Battle Museum, your eyes alight on a small vase which, when you read the label, is a Roman ‘Tear Bottle.’  Intrigued?

It was an ancient custom for the mourners at a funeral to collect their tears in a bottle to show how much the person was loved.


This little bottle sets us on a journey.  We know all about tears…

     Tears of anguish, anger, bereavement, hurt.

     Tears of wonder, joy and love

     Silent tears; loud gulping sobs…

     or tiny tears running down one’s face.

     Tears of frustration, tears of release.

     Tears bottled up inside prisons of ‘stiff upper         lips.’

Sometimes, the result of tears is etched upon faces, upon lives.


In Psalm 56 we learn from David that God keeps

a record of our lives.  His journal about each one of us in composed of bottles and books... ’You number my wanderings; put my tears in Your bottle; are they not in Your book?


Jesus DOES understand, and we find examples in our Gospels of his weeping and His longing to restore His people.  How comforting to know that nothing is wasted and He can bring healing and wholeness to those in need.  Healing of broken hearts; tears of distress and heartache released into His loving heart and making room for the new life of Jesus to enter, for the darkness to be dispelled and the light of God’s presence to appear.