4th November 2018


At this time of year we remember family and friends who have died. It is a time of remembrance, remembering their lives and remembering and giving thanks for the things they have done for us. It is also a time to think about those people who have helped to shape us into the person we are today, either by their support, or their writings. It could be people who we have personally known or people who we have read about. Whether it was years, decades or centuries ago, their teachings or experiences have had a significant impact on us, shaping our faith, our thoughts and our hopes. 

At a time when we think of loved ones who have died we naturally also think ahead, think of God’s kingdom and what that may be like. The bible gives us an image of heaven being a place of peace, a place where there is no more pain or crying. There is also a place in God’s kingdom which has been prepared just for us. In God’s kingdom there will be re-creation but I believe that we should not be afraid of whether we will recognise loved ones, or be recognised because in God’s kingdom what we look like will not be important, it is our relationships, that intimate, eternal connection which will bind us together, bind us with God in a place which is full of wonder, peace and the glory of God.