21st October 2018



True greatness...

    is the power of service

When we think about greatness we think about power, and when we think about power we think of strong leaders, people who have control over others. But Jesus says that in God’s kingdom greatness comes from service not power. God’s kingdom isn’t about selfish ambitions, it is not about asking “what can I get?” but “what can I give?” 


In the reading two of Jesus’ disciples asked him if they could sit at his right and his left when he entered God’s kingdom. They wanted to be right up there with him, basking in all the glory. But he reminds them that the ones who will be blessed in God’s kingdom are those who have served, those who have cared for and protected others.  

On social media we try to portray a perfect image of ourselves, we choose the best photos to put up, we celebrate the things we have achieved. On social media we can airbrush out the bits we don’t like, however God sees us warts and all. But that’s okay, God doesn’t want perfection he wants us to have a generous and humble heart.   


Jesus had the power to be great, to be a strong, mighty leader but instead he entered this world not to rule it but to serve it. Christ serves with a generous, humble heart. He gave himself so that we might receive life. All he asks is that we follow his example and look out for one another. Take some time to think about how you could serve God. How could you be generous with your time or your talents?