14th October 2018


What gets in between you and God?

What do we know about this un-named young man? He is seen as one of the tragic figures in the Gospels. He ran and knelt before Jesus and asked: Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life? He was spiritually aware, anxious to prepare for the life to come and serious about it. Jesus’ answer to his big question was, ‘obey the commandments’. Particularly the first – no other idols before me.

Yet, after only a moment’s thought, the man decided which of the two, God or mammon, he would rather serve. He went from devotion to disappointment in the space of 5 verses.

He came to Jesus asking what he could do: he left seeing what he was unable to do. He went away sad for he had many possessions and we don’t know what happened to him.

What barriers are keeping you from a closer relationship with God? Search your heart for any idols in your life that seems more important than your love of God.  Is it money, or; house, car, status, shopping, time, social life, tv, computer time, holidays, food, drink, gambling, hobbies... or all of them???

It’s uncomfortable being honest with ourselves.

See Heinrich Hoffmans' painting of this