3rd June 2018

Why should Sunday be Holy?

Holy means something which God has made special. For Christians Sunday is a special time when we come together to praise God for who he is and thank him for all he does. It is about stepping out of our daily routines and finding rest in God’s presence. God rested after he had created the world. Rest was not just at the end of creation but it is a part of creation. When we think about time off we sometimes talk about recreational activities. God wants us not just to rest our bodies but re-create ourselves, be refreshed and invigorated so we can go out into the world and live a life according to God’s truth.

Society can be very inward looking, focussing on what we have achieved, what stuff we have accumulated, keeping up with that can be exhausting. God focuses on us finding time to come and rest, God enables us to stand before him, just as we are, and know that we are accepted and we are loved.