7th October 2018


Harvest time...

This week we are celebrating harvest. Harvest is a time to think about God’s creation, Giving thanks for all that the world provides for us, for food, for shelter, for resources. But it is also a time for us to stop and think about how we care for God’s creation. How do we treat others, especially those who don’t have as much as us, are we mindful of the impact our lives have on the environment, on how the worlds resources are used and shared amongst countries? 

We give gifts of food, of money and of other goods because we are grateful for the abundance which we have. As our gifts are sent on to those in need, we pray for God’s provision, we pray that God’s Mercy will be in our hearts and the hearts of world leaders. 


We also use this time to think of seasons, the seasons of our life, look for God’s hand guiding us, his word nourishing us and his power strengthening us to live and work for the glory of his kingdom.