30th September 2018


Have faith...

James’s letter is meant to be read as a whole. The opening chapter serves as an introduction to the rest of his letter, in which he makes the case that Christians are not meant to be merely hearers but also doers of the word using the image of someone who looks in the mirror, goes away and forgets what they look like. In other words this letter is about us being a reflection of our true selves in Christ.


In the following chapters he highlights that this is shown in how we act to others (ch 2), what we say (ch 3) and that there is a battle for our hearts in worldly or Godly wisdom (ch 4). Being a Christian is tough… in chapter 5 we are encouraged to face these difficulties in 2 ways… firstly be part of a community and secondly to pray for each other. It demands an openness which we can only have once we recognise that we all struggle… we all fall short. Once we recognise this we can stand together in love and support without judgement or condemnation. 

Jesus says that this is what sets us apart as his followers  “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35)

We need to stand together, support each other and love one another otherwise we battle alone and we are like one ‘who goes away and forget who we really are’.