23rd September 2018

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Drawing  close to God...

We always want to think that we will make wise decisions, but what is it that really drives our thought processes when we think of what to do or say in a particular situation? 


Our bible reading today is from the book of James. James wrote many letters to the early Christians, giving them advice about how to follow God’s path.  Today we are looking at the true wisdom which comes from God. God knows everything about us, he knows our hopes and fears, he knows what we want and he knows what we need.  

We are challenged to really look at the motives behind our desires, are we wanting to do or have certain things because they will help draw us closer to God so we can live a fulfilled life, will they help us to be supportive to others and share in the life of our community. Or do we want them because they will make us feel important and gain the praise of others. 


True Wisdom comes from God, the one who knows our past, present and future so the wisest decision we can make is to draw close to God, to seek his wisdom and truth and ask him to provide us with what we need.