30th December 2018


New beginnings...

Life is full of beginnings; we are born, start school, start a job, a family, and we are starting a new calendar year.


Genesis is the very beginning of the bible and the beginning of the world.  Once God had created this world, he looked on and said, it is good.  But then things went wrong and humanity at various times throughout history has turned away from God, but He always reached out in love.  At Christmas we remember that in love God sent his Son to the world to bring hope of a new beginning, hope that the bond between Him and humanity would be re-created through Christ’s death and resurrection.  At Christmas we celebrate that God is with us, continually reaching out to us, we just need to recognise his light.

Light is important, we need sunlight to grow food, a torchlight shows us the way in the dark, light makes us feel safe.  God’s word is the light of life, so to find out what life is all about we just need to listen to Him, follow the teaching of Jesus and the example of all the people in the bible who trusted God with their life.  They knew God loved them and he would nourish them, protect them and guide them through the dark times.  This year I pray that you may see God’s light in your life.  Hold onto His outstretched hand and trust Him to guide you through all that life may bring this year.