19th August 2018


 Are you ready to grow? 

A mustard seed is only about 1mm in size, but the bush that it grows into can be up to three metres, which when you think about it is an amazing change. Especially when you think of how all that potential, all that information is stored in such a tiny seed. 


We can think of our faith as being like a mustard seed. Someone, at some point, planted a seed in our hearts. It may have been something someone said or did for us either as a child or later on in life. But that seed took hold and grew, it showed us what God’s love could do in our lives, what we could achieve if we embrace the gifts that He has given us, the nourishment he gives through his word in the bible and through the fellowship of church. 

We can also think about our children as little seeds, which need to be nurtured, protected and cared for because when they are placed in the right position, when they are given opportunities, it is amazing what things they could achieve, they have so much potential which needs to be released through nurture. 


So think this week about what God may have planned for you, what seed has he sown in your heart… maybe he is encouraging you in a relationship, in work, in the community. Listen to Him, let Him feed you so that you can grow.