12th August 2018

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Will you walk on by?...

The parable of the Good Samaritan helps us to think about what it means to follow Jesus’ command to ‘love our neighbour’.  It helps us to recognise everyone as our neighbour, and worthy of compassion. We are encouraged to offer what we can to help and be willing on occasions to put ourselves out for the good of others, whether that be giving up some of our time, or money, or offering our skills, or hospitality. 

But it is not just about our actions towards other people, we must also recognise how we see other people. How quick are we to jump to conclusions when we first meet someone, or walk past them in the street. Do we assume how they got to where they are or do we stop and take time get to know them or at least consider they may have a story of their own to tell. 

Think about the impossible choices we sometimes have to make. Sometimes we do something wrong because the other option would be worse, or because we are afraid. When we think about the impossible choices we have had to make in the past it helps us to be less judgemental on others. We should look beyond the choice that was made to the reasoning behind it before we condemn them, because that is how we would want others to look at our choices. 

We pray today that God will give us the wisdom and the guidance to make right choices. And when we come across the impossible choice, we ask for his strength and his peace to cope with the consequences for ourselves and for others.