5th August 2018


We're all seeds...

In the parable of the sower we hear about different types of ground and how they help or hinder growth. We can use this story to think about our own lives. What in our lives helps us to connect with God, to recognise his presence in our lives and to understand his words? What hinders us, what stops us from coming closer to God, from following his guidance, his teaching, from receiving and using the gifts he has given us?

This week, be encouraged to take some time to go outside and just be in God's creation.

Remember that you are a part of God’s creation and when God created “he saw that it was good, he saw that you were very good”.


Go for a walk or sit on a bench and think about the different journey’s you make in life, to work, to home, to places of interest and relaxation. Think about what helps you to connect with God and give thanks for the people who have helped you in your journey of faith, who have nurtured and supported you.