27th May 2018

The Power of love...

On Trinity Sunday we can get obsessed with what we might call the mathematics of the Trinity - how God  can at the same time be both one and three. Instead we should focus, as did the royal wedding preacher, on love and its power.


Christians believe that timeless ages Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwelt in mutual relationships of love.  We further believe that this love was not contained in the interior life of the Trinity but overflowed into the work of creation, redemption and the making holy the people of God.  This shows us that true love should never be self-centred but rather always self-giving.

And from this comes our belief that marriage is not intended to be 'selfishness for two', nor family life to be 'selfishness for a few' nor yet church life 'selfishness for a group'.  Married love, family love, congregational love, if it is inspired by and modelled on the love of God, as true love must needs be, should always 'over flow to those in need' to quote from the wedding prayers.  The power of this kind of loving must never be underestimated.