9th February 2020

Shining for Jesus

What a difference light makes!  In these darker days of winter, how we love it when the sun shines and transforms everything, as well as bringing smiles to faces.  As we turn to the state of the world, we are saddened by the turning away from God and entering the darkness of evil and sin, and how we long for light.


And then… and then… JESUS CHRIST came to earth and He is THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.


In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:13-20) Jesus encourages His listeners, His followers, AND US, to believe in ourselves.  In Jesus we know something of the light and truth that the world needs and we are encouraged to be like lights on a hilltop or lights on top of a lampstand.

These images ask us uncomfortable questions about our Christian visibility and how obvious it is that we are Christians, and Psalm 112 gives us a checklist to look at.  How do we individually, and as a church, match up?


Surely, we want to be more like Christ, to follow in His ways and to provide necessary light to the whole world.  It takes dedication and courage, and it also challenges our integrity as Christians.


Why not spend a few moments with God, after looking at both Readings mentioned, and talk with Him?


May we all know the blessings of shining with the Light of Christ.