3rd November 2019


Saints Alive!!!

As we celebrate All Saints Day, I wonder how you think of saints?  Are they those other people who lived long ago that were extremely good and holy - perhaps wearing a halo?


As we give thanks to God for all those who have, by their lives and faith, given testimony to what it means to live in God’s Kingdom, we have to look around us and see people who are living their lives for God and spreading His light and love to a world in distress.


This leads us to look at ourselves and where we fit in with God’s plan for blessing.


We look at the Gospel reading (Luke 6:20-31) and see that after a night of prayer, Jesus came down to a level place, chose 12 to be his close disciples, and then preached this sermon on what it means to have a life of blessing.  The truly blessed life, Jesus explains, does not come from getting, or from doing, but from being; the emphasis being on a Godlike character.

Jesus focuses on attitudes toward circumstances, people, God and ourselves, and He emphasizes four essentials for true happiness which are, faith in God, love towards others, honesty with ourselves and obedience towards God.  The goal is to be like Jesus in every way; we have the Holy Spirit to help and encourage us, but the challenge to each one of us is ‘how do we measure up?’


Living in God’s Kingdom surrounded by the world and worldly ways, should mean that we are growing in holiness (God’s ways) and experiencing the heavenly happiness and true blessedness that only God can give.  Are we?  Are you?


God needs Saints alive in this day and age... do we answer that need?