20th October 2019


Knocking at the door...

‘It’s just not fair or right!’  What struggles and unfairness are you suffering from?  Now think of friends and family, and then look at the latest news around the world……whoops the list of unjustness grows so much you are overwhelmed.  What a state our world is in where unscrupulous people take advantage over vulnerable people.  These days we don’t have to look very far as scammers use the latest methods available and we have to answer phones with caution or be aware of emails inviting and tempting us into losing our money and self-respect.  A glance at different times shows us that each generation, each century through history has had its own problems of people taking advantage over others.


One day, Jesus told his disciples a story to illustrate their need for constant prayer, and to keep on praying until their need is met.  For the context of this parable we need to look at the timing of this teaching.  In short, the previous chapter tells us that (a) there are always temptations to sin….but woe to the person who does the tempting; (b) the disciples (all who accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour are modern day disciples) ask Jesus for more faith and the answer is faith growing like a mustard seed – a tiny seed but growing, growing, growing.  (c) the healing of the ten lepers and only one returning to Jesus to say thank you – learning that his faith had made him well.  Then Jesus talks about the coming of the Kingdom of God – when Jesus comes again (and He will) all the unjustness will be dealt with, but in the meantime Jesus has come to bring in His Kingdom and so we can live in the Kingdom, whilst still in the world, but deal with all the problems with the help of our Lord.

The need of constant prayer is told in the story of a widow forever bothering an unjust judge until he does something!  Widows of that time were in a very precarious state of existence. but they could go to a judge for adjudication between the lady and her children.  But the person who should be relied upon to hear cases fairly and impartially couldn’t be bothered and so this lady persisted in ‘knocking at his door’ until he did do something.  The important point for us to remember is that God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is a JUST JUDGE, and can be relied upon to help.


Knowing the whole Godly plan keeps us focused on the work in hand.  Faith will be increased by spending time with God….in Scripture and by living in His presence, which means we have to listen to Him too.  Keeping an eternal perspective while finding faith on earth. Not losing heart but keeping on keeping on with this worthwhile quest of bringing in God’s Kingdom (bringing justice to those suffering).


Let us be determined to pray without ceasing because God comes by invitation.  Until we have sought God’s guidance, we’re at the mercy of our own thoughts, and everyone else’s.  Faith……surely we all, when we stand before Jesus the Judge, we will want to hear Him say, ‘Well done faithful friend.’